Does getting more dials prove to be more successful?

4c recruiting want to shoot a quick video I’m in between coaching sessions and just had a couple minutes here I want to give you a nugget one of the things that I say a lot is that you must educate before you motivate or you will discourage so let me give you a quick example of this I see a lot of leaders that say make more dials make more phone calls you’ll be more successful and that’s not necessarily true recruiting today is not if you’re trying to recruit a top performer it is not a numbers game it’s it’s not trying to get more of those in your sales funnel it’s being more strategic and more intentional and building relationship with that individual so you know you have to educate before we motivate someone to move towards something or the only thing you’ll do is you will discourage that person doing more something that’s not working it’s actually discouraging so one if you’re not educated yourself on how recruiting has changed I deliver a lot of content in a number of different places it’s pretty easy to find me in places like LinkedIn or YouTube or I’ve got a Vimeo channel it’s got about 150 videos on it do a podcast those are great places that you can begin to educate yourself on how recruiting has changed what you should be doing today in order to be a successful recruiter but here’s the real equation education plus motivation plus application equals transformation so once you are educated you understand what things you should be doing and then you in turn actually are motivated to do those and you actually do those and you apply those things you’ll actually be transformed so I go all the way back to the beginning if you think you’re doing the things that you’ve always done you need to re-educate yourself okay because the last three to five years recruiting has changed not just kinda but a lot you need to educate yourself on that and once you’re educated and you have a larger knowledge of what those of what things have changed you will be motivated you will of and if you will apply that new information with the motivation then guess what you’ll actually, transform your business and your recruit efforts so there you have it there’s a gym for you today hope everyone has a great week and we’ll talk to you again soon see

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