Here is why you should not give up on your dream.

Hey everybody it’s Richard Milligan here with 4c recruiting coming to you today a little bit of excitement a little smile on my face have you ever just gone through your old photos your old videos because last night I was going through some of my old photos and videos so I’m our iPhone all of my information backs up to my iCloud and so it’s easy to skim my iCloud and to see what’s on there I came across the video from July 28th of 2017 and it was a note to myself it was a really a note to more people but I was talking to myself in this video and and it was don’t give up almost don’t give up you’ve been called to something see it through and that in essence was about a 45 to 50 second video that I was sending to some people but I was talking about myself and to myself in the video and and I’m I’m I look back on that moment July 28th 2017 and that was you know two years and whatever three months ago two months ago whatever that is I was in the middle of pivoting inside my company 4c recruiting was in the middle of actually creating coaching collateral pushing material and developing it at that time what would be an eight-week coaching course I had no idea like what what the future looked like I only knew in that moment that I had clarity around being called to actually do something and that was to move towards coaching recruiting coaching and to create a coaching collateral and put an offering out there to to my audience or to what I thought was my audience I eventually would be a third week of October in 2017 was finally ready to launch that coaching piece and I put into a webinar format a 90 minute webinar where I invited people and had about 100 people attend my first webinar and in that first webinar I had about 45 people if I remember exactly sign up for my eight-week coaching course and immediately knew that I had seen something through to a place where I had been called and so I’m sharing that with you right now for this reason you each have been called to something specifically you each have something that’s been placed in your heart that only you can activate on and the only way you can activate on it only can activate on it is if you see it through and now I’m able to look back on it 2 years 3 months later and know that having seen it through was was worth it because you know last year I coached 138 people I think in my coaching system in addition to doing a ton of public speaking and a lot of one long roundtable meetings and in addition to actually launching a social media branding agency in connection with my with my coaching but then this year I’ll coach over 300 plus people individually and exponentially everything’s increased or in all of the areas of my business and that only came through seeing through or was a very difficult season of the unknown and so if you’re clear this is why vision is so critical like having a vision having a dream where you’re going with some very specific things you want to accomplish that’s why that important I look back on that then I developed a 10-year vision in 2017 for foresee recruiting and I share today every single year we actually have a 1 year plan that is all alignment with the A 10-year vision that we created that I created in 2017 that vision was what sustained me that vision was what saw me through in those moments and so if you don’t have a vision ok you start there and once you have a vision don’t you let anybody tell you that you can’t don’t you let anybody deter you from what it is that you’ve said that you know that you’ve been called to ok so there you have it a little note of encouragement from Richard Milligan see through create a vision have a great week everybody we’ll talk to you again soon