What’s up everybody, it’s Richard Milligan. I’m back with recruiting conversations, excited to be here with you today. This is gonna be a relatively short podcast, I’ve said that before and then those podcasts have gone on for 20 minutes. So, who knows, maybe it will be, maybe it won’t be, but the topic today, I’m gonna talk with you about is your social media content strategy. Now as a reminder this podcast has been built for the recruiting leader that’s someone who actually manages a team and there’s also responsible for recruiting to that team. Now at times the recruiting leader may have corporate support, a lot of times the recruiting leader does not have corporate support, in my own research what I found is that 8 to 9 out of every 10 hires 80 to 90% of all hires that come to the recruiting leader come directly from them. The seeds that they plant, the relationships that they engage in, the conversations that they start, those are the places that they are most likely to yield the benefits of recruiting people, and the reason why and why that only makes sense, is that ultimately yes you’re representing a company and the company has a value proposition. But people have to buy into your value proposition first, before they can buy into the company value proposition. So the most successful recruiting leaders are great at framing their value proposition, that makes sense, that shouldn’t make sense to you, right? So if part of your success is predicated on you, framing your value proposition as a leader, then shouldn’t you have a strategy around social media of delivering exactly that, that makes sense, right? Well hopefully it makes sense and if not I’ll figure out another way to actually approach this and help you make sense of it because it should make sense. Statistics today saying that the recruiting leader, and their particular leadership brand matters, not just kind of matters, that matters a lot. There’s a statistic out there that says that the recruiting leader posting something versus the actual company posting something is a dramatic difference in response that you’ll get to one or the other. In fact, that recruiting leader will actually get 541 percent more engagement in posting something, than if a company actually posted. And that’s relatively new gang, look it wasn’t that long ago or the company brand mattered way more than your leadership brand, but some things have happened, social media for one, and a lot of the market in terms of like where you can actually reach people is so fragmented. Think about it, like how many social media platforms are there and where do people spend their time today. So, if attention is fragmented, then it’s actually the leverage where the company and anything the company would have to say is not as scalable as maybe what you have to say, and today people are able to take that personal persona and their business persona and merge them into one and the same. So, thank you social media for accomplishing this force, because it actually makes it easier for you to recruit as a recruiting leader, if you will take your personal persona in your business persona and merge them together. Now if your non-existent or you have a very small presence inside social media, the first thing you really need to do is you need to begin to understand the platforms, so that you can begin to look to deliver things of value, to those platforms, okay? Here’s what you need to understand, you are a media company first today, a recruiting leader second, you are a media company first and whatever position you are in second, okay? If you were trying to reach an audience and attract an audience you have to think like a media company and so because of that as an attractive leader, and if you’ve listened in to my podcast you know the attractive leader represents three things, has a vision, is clear on their core values, okay? That’s really one of the same, has it vision is clear on their core values, can articulate that extremely well. So they story tell them, and then lives and acts in alignment with those, okay? Those are the three things that represents an attractive leader. So content strategy ultimately becomes pretty easy because we want people to see you as an attractive leader, right? Vision core values able to articulate those living and acting in accordance with that, that becomes your content strategy. So I’m giving you permission, to actually, if it’s in that lens to begin to post around it, to begin to talk about, to begin to share it. One of the ways that I did this, was my family, look, I’m blessed to have four children now. That’s a busy life and there are days where it challenges my own mindset about being a blessing, but those are my worst days, the better days are, that it is a blessing. And because I have that blessing and in this season, the ages are sixteen all the way down to five, I have enormous amount of content that I can give because inside the lens of some of my core value system is family over work, okay? That’s an important part of that to me. I spent a long season putting my family before putting my work before my family and there came a day, where I said that won’t happen anymore, had this epiphany moment that man life is passing me by in these seasons that I have with my youngsters at home and I don’t want that to happen, and so I’m gonna be intentional and I’ll be intentional about putting my family over my work. So I have to be creative in accomplishing the things that I wanted, that I want to accomplish there are a lot of nice every single week that I come back into my office and I work from 10:00 p.m. the 2:00 a.m. in the morning. That’s regular and the reason why is because like when I leave work, I want to be engaged at home and when I’m engaged at home I don’t want to have any distractions. I want my family to understand they’re the most important thing in that season. That’s part of my core value system, so now I have permission because that’s part of my core value system to talk about that, share it with that, take pictures of me, being intentional and taking my eight-year-old daughter on a date, being intentional and skipping out on a work day, to actually take one of my son’s hunting or fishing, to you know to on a work day to actually take one of my son’s hunting or fishing, to you know, to take a kid out of school early and go watch a movie with them. I mean these are things that I could actually document around and talk about that core value piece. Now it doesn’t have to be family over work, that’s the core value piece you talk about but you have a core value system in place, even if you haven’t identified it yet, and some of you may not how identified your core value system, you’re still acting in alignment with it, because it exists. Look for me, you know, earlier today I’m walking out of a restaurant, there’s a mother with a very young daughter, then she was probably three years old, I see them coming, I open the door, I hold the door for them, until they get out, part of my core value system is being a gentleman, right? Like open the door for people, if I saw an elderly person trying to load their car with groceries and you know I would go over and help, if I saw a basket rolling across the parking lot at Walmart I would grab it and push it in. There’s just a value system there that I’m operating in and I’m not saying those things to make me sound awesome, it’s just who I am, and so you have a core value system that you’re following, where you begin to actually talk about that value system, where you begin to identify the moments where you’re living and acting in alignment with that, that’s your content. So now it gives you permission, yes a lot of this should be done in the line of business, but it also gives you permission to bring personal stuff in and incorporate that because it is also part of your business. So, hopefully this makes sense to you, this means that you will have some personal pieces that end up on a platform like LinkedIn, okay? You won’t, you’re not going to take a plate of that green salad that you ate, and talk about the restaurant that you ate it necessarily, okay? But for you to take a picture of you having lunch with your daughter and talking about the importance of that relationship because your value system says that, you know she comes before your work that’s different. So the attractive leader always has the content strategy in place, What’s my vision? What are my core values? How can I articulate? How can I talk around those? And then what did I do today to live and act in alignment with those. One of the things I believe in is leadership development so if I have a team and I’m actually develop developing them to become leaders, I probably have a leadership development plan in place with them. So when I go in to meet with them right I probably have a key topic, I probably key takeaway, I probably have something that I can even tag that leader in and affirm them inside social media, right? These are things you’re already doing you’re leading meetings as a leader, you’re honing your skills, you’re reading books. Now, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a picture, fact I did this today, I actually took a picture I just got Brendon Broussard’s new high performance planners, I got an entire year of those delivered in my Amazon box at my house today, took a picture that and posted that. I’m all about personal development, heck I’m a coach and I’m doing a podcast on developing skills in the area of recruiting, right? So that’s in my lane. So you are already doing these things and being the attractive leader, you’re just not, you just haven’t had the eyes to see this, a lot of people say, I have to become a media company, like that’s a really big task to become a media company, there’s no way I can do that. This isn’t about you becoming a content creation organization, you don’t need a marketing team to do this, look you’re already doing this, you just simply need to have the eyes to see it. So we go from creation which if you’ve ever tried to become a thought leader, that can be very difficult like every single day the challenge is what’s the best idea? what’s the best thought? let me play this game of wordcraft and conjure something up that really delivers a lot of value to this platform, that’s a lot of pressure. I’m taking the pressure completely off of you and saying go be you, go be the authentic original you, and begin to document that. Now we go from creation to identification, it already exists, so just identify that moment be willing to take a selfie at a basketball game with it with one of your kids, be willing to take a picture with your team as you’re about to lead your cells meeting on Monday mornings, be willing to go to your cells rally and take photos of the people that are at the cells rallied that have made an impact on you, and in one cells rally you could walk around the room and come up with three to six months with the content and then as you go through your year tag those people, tag them and recognize them, there’s a little bit of framework there for you. One of the things I encourage people to do is to actually create a weekly framework, a structure for the week, you can have a Wednesday that is a leadership recognition or a recognition of somebody inside your team or your organization, take a moment, you tag them, you recognize something that they did that impacted you impacted, your business, impacted your team, that’s easy, now you’ve got some framework for Wednesdays. What’s your framework for the rest the week? The framework will give you the ability to move towards this and to move towards as quickly. A lot of people think that I spend an enormous amount of time, creating content and I ultimately don’t, I just don’t, but I have the framework in place and so the frame, because I have that framework in place and I know the context of what I’m gonna post and how I’m gonna post around these pieces, it’s very easy for me to deliver an enormous amount of content in a short amount of time. And for you that’s going to be critical, because this has to be sustainable, okay? if I told you it’s gonna take an hour for you to become a media company first, you would say “I can’t do it I have too many responsibilities” and the truth is that you do. Every recruiting leader does, right? Because there’s just too many hats for that person to wear, so now wear this hat, so I’m asking you to create framework and if you have the framework in a matter of a couple of minutes, you can create your content and then become visible. The visibility is key, especially where you represent yourself as an attractive leader, that attractive leader, is attractive, right? Like because you’re so clear on who you are, and you’re out there representing who you are, people are going to move towards you. Statistics say, the top producers today are actually seeing you, identifying you, and moving towards you, without you ever making contact with them, that’s the value in this. This isn’t about delivering something to a platform to get a hundred likes or to get 20,000 views, it’s that’s not yet, what is it for you is that you have a tribe out there that doesn’t know about you. When that tribe begins to know who you are very clearly, they will begin to move towards you, and because of that you will have the easy wins which you deserve because recruiting leaders have the toughest job in every industry, okay? There you go there’s your content strategy and I managed to take a short podcast and this may be the last time ever say this, I managed to take a short podcast and turn it into a decently long podcast, so no apologies because you need this, this will help you grow so Richard Milligan here with recruiting conversations, now you have a content strategy and you understand you have to become a media company because your leadership brand matters. So until next time thank you so much for listening to recruiting conversations, pass it on, pass it on to somebody else that can use this that needs to have the right mindset for going out and being a successful recruiting leader. I hope you have a great week and until next time enjoy and we will talk to you again thanks so much everybody.

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