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Hey it’s Richard Milligan with 4c recruiting quick shout out to all of my recruiting leaders and all of the recruiters out there that are gonna see this video here’s a challenge to you I is in a conversation earlier today and the conversation was around like what’s your current system that you have in place and the individual is actually using a paper calendar to track conversations and future conversations and that’s their idea of a system and what I know about that is that it’s very typical so you know no shame on the game of that individual is very typical they’re operating in a way that they know what they know and what I know about my parent is that you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it okay so one of the things that we talked about today in a conversation with this individual is that your system has to get better right that ceiling and you see my hand there a ceiling that is limiting you from a stop from accomplishing the goals that you set is your inadequacies around your system it’s very rarely a lack of desire it’s very rarely a lack of having the intangible to be successful but a lot of times people go to that a lot of times leaders go well they lack desire their lack the intangibles and that’s not true what they primarily lack what I found most times they lack a system so as a leader myself it’s on me to ensure that I’m helping them build systems or that I’m actually building the system myself that they’re gonna operate in but they’re gonna function in so a big challenge to leaders today if you’re a leader that leads recruiting leaders or a leader that leads recruiters a big challenge to you today is to ensure that you have an adequate system so that whenever your people are setting their goals established and their goals your confident just as much as they’re confident they’re gonna hit them because again this does not come down to establishing goals it comes down to establishing systems doesn’t come down to having intent and having the intangibles work ethic character tenacity perseverance a lot of times is we’re talking about a lack of system if you’re recruiting leader or your recruiter that’s operating an Outlook or operating from a spreadsheet we’re operating from a notepad today you are lacking a system and I’m confident when I make this statement you will never accomplish the level of goals that you set because you’re lacking they found at a foundational level what you need in order to be successful in order to accomplish that yes or yes.

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