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Hey it’s Richard Milligan with force recruiting and if you’re seeing this video you actually just probably listen to a podcast or saw a video of a podcast I just created and the podcast is really centered around this idea that a lot of times people at church the recruiting leader settle because they don’t know what they don’t know and so as part of that we’ve talked about three main components to that which is you know that clarity matters that accountability matters and that your systems matter and if you don’t have those three things honed in then you’re actually two large degree settling not from a effort and energy perspective but from a not executing on the right things perspective so as part of this one of the things I wanted to give to you is on this page here of just right below me is a it’s a three page presentation but it’s really one page and that is predicated around four things four important things that relate to your leadership brand one of the things we didn’t talk about in the podcast is how important leadership brand is and in one of those areas that I find people settle is in the capacity to fully develop their leadership brand when you understand and are able to interpret the data today as it pertains to recruiting one of the things that we know is that recruiting has changed recruiting is quickly evolving give you a perfect example of that inside the mortgage industry flow if I did a study of 13,000 top originators and what they found is that only 25% originators move through direct solicitation I mean 75% moved in move to mortgage companies through other methods we also know that people are answering the phone less and less only 9% of people say they take a phone call today that’s not someone that’s plugged into their contacts list one of the things that that were also aware of is that in terms of how impact recruiting is this idea that people are happy where they’re at right like a lot of people would say their content and in that same flow if I study flow if I found that 94.6% of loan officer said they’re content they’re satisfied to some degree where they’re I when you work that data down like let’s just do it okay let’s start with a thousand loan officers that you might recruit and that’s a big number right a thousand people of that we know that that only 90 out of the nine only 5.4 percent of them are going to be interested because they’re unhappy so now we take a list of a thousand and now we’re down to 50 for approximately that are actually even going to be in the ball game and now what we also know is that of the 54 only 25 percent of them are going to move through direct solicitation so now we reduced that number all the way down to about what is that 13 or 14 people that if I map that out correctly that are now going to be in your sweet spot out of a thousand and then from that only 9 percent are actually going to take your call so 1 out of 11 right so you drill down drill down drill down you get down to like you’re a needle in a haystack you’re like a one out of a thousand okay I feel like that’s a line from dumb and dumber right where he says like like so what are my odds like one in a million and she says yes I would say that’s about right and go so you’re saying there’s a chance right so I so to speak to this your leadership brand is an area that most people are settling and you have to you have to hone your leadership brand otherwise you are you’re settling ok and so as part of this below me here is a sheet that talks about what we call the four C’s of social leadership branding and they’re you know they’re connect their content communicate and conversion and we just speak a little bit about that intent here is just to get to really to whet your appetite to say do I have this figured out do I have a problem because this is an area where close to 100 percent of people are whiffing they don’t have a leadership brand and and the leadership brand is going to be such an important component to you winning and losing as it relates to recruiting so want to make sure we drop this video to you here thanks so much less on the podcast thanks so much for checking out my video if there’s anything I can ever do to support you that’s what this that’s what we’re doing is building a community here of people that we actually bring value to that we support we do this no strings attached happy to do it glad that we brought you here glad that we actually have the document below you can check that out and if there’s anything else that we can do to to help you or support you you can find this pretty easily where we are all over LinkedIn

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