Operating at Peak, Enthusiasm is One Way To Ensure Recruiting Success. Why Does This Matter So Much? How Do We Get There And Stay There?

Hi everyone it’s Richard Milligan your host for recruiting conversations, I’m excited to be back it’s the new year and I don’t know it just seems like when you get to turn over a new week, a new month, but a new year something special but then we’re into a new decade, there’s just success is in the air, right? It’s like, it’s like rain on a spring morning, it’s just like everything feels different, smells different, and that’s kind of what I sense here had it into 2020, maybe I’m a little too excited, I don’t know, but we’re gonna talk about enthusiasm today. So, it’s okay I’m showing up excited, well one of the things if you’re in my coaching and you’re listening this you know this to be true, and I laugh in my coaching I literally have to stop himself a pause, I did it two or three times today in different coaching sessions, where my energy starts to go up, and it goes up, but it goes up, and it goes up and suddenly it’s like I gotta bring myself down I get way too excited about doing what I do, and sharing what I have to share, but I’m operating in my passion zone. I actually love this, seriously if someone came in said we want you to work for 20% of what you’re currently working for, I would have no problem with it, I love it I absolutely love it, and one of the things that came up today is that my energy was in a coaching session we’re so extremely high, and someone’s was extremely low, and so in that a question that came up was like you know kind of what’s going on, like where’s the enthusiasm, where’s the energy, what are you going through, what are you dealing with and one of the things that came up is this individual said “I just I just don’t have any passion I don’t have any energy or enthusiasm in doing what I’m doing today”. One of the things that I coached them to was a simplistic understanding or framework for recruiting. If I’m a recruiter, or I’m a recruiting leader, and I get someone on the phone, it is imperative, okay? It’s imperative that I have a passion and enthusiasm and energy about the opportunity where I am right now and the opportunity that I have to offer. The reason why is that in the most basic form recruiting is simply a transference of that energy. If I can get you excited about what I’m excited about, if I can get you energized about what I’m energized but if I can get you passionate about what I’m passionate about you come join me. It’s really that simple, but you know network marketers, I despise you, I hate you but I love you, right? You are the greatest but you’re also the worst and that’s because I keep buying your stuff, okay? it’s like I I don’t want I don’t want to be approached by a network marketing opportunity I just don’t want to the busy guy I run multiple successful businesses I don’t want to buy your stuff, but one of the things that network marketers are amazing at is figuring out how to get themselves and to get other people into this passion zone, where someone’s really excited about the product, and so then I’ve bought, I I’ve been embarrassed to tell you the things I’ve bought over the years, okay? You know I’ve bought a lot of Beachbody products, I’ve bought a lot of like facial stuff, that’s supposed to like remove 25 years of wrinkles that I never used. I’ve bought like I don’t know pink drinks I mean my wife buys all kinds of crazy stuff with this and the reason why is because these people are operating in you know in a way that allows them to transfer this excitement to other people, and when people get excited about they’re like, yeah sign me up, yeah! I’ll buy the product, right?

So, it’s as recruiting leaders it’s critical that we operate in our passion zone, that we’re operating at this peak enthusiasm that we can then transfer that to somebody else. The great recruiters understand they’re not looking for someone that’s had a trigger event already happen that is already gonna make a move. Think about this so I do a lot of coaching inside the mortgage industry the average ten-year inside the mortgage industry for a prefer an expienced loan officer today is 3.1 years, okay? So, let’s just do a little math three years is 36 month, let’s just say it’s 37 to 38 months, okay? So, every 37 to 38 months and experienced, loan officer that’s a solid experience producing loan officers gonna make a change, okay? If I’m only looking for the warm or hot candidate it’s almost like this you know I call the phone now, okay? And I’m hoping in that moment that person is like is in their trigger moment, right? Something’s happen or I’m calling now, right? And it’s like, it’s like on a time line I’m picking a specific moment, and I’m trying to like go there, right in, and if I hit it at the right moment, then it’s great, right? There like yeah glad you called, I’m going to look at making a move, and you’re like oh this recruiting thing is all about timing, and it’s not, it’s not about timing, okay? The bulk of people that make transitions with great recruiters, actually start it out cold, like you know that phone call or they say I’m not interested I’m happy where I’m at, right? That’s where they are and that’s not just a guys that they’re putting up, it’s actually true, and what great recruiters know how to do best is to motivate the unmotivated to make a change. How do they do that? They’re passionate about their opportunity, they’re energized, energetic about where they are, right? So, you gotta be looking at this passion meter concept and asking yourself on a daily basis like where’s my energy yet on a scale of 1 to 10 where would I rate my energy, and if you’re not operating an 8, 9, or 10 then you’re going to have a difficult time trying to get someone to cross, across that finish line when they’re content where they’re at, and that’s 9 almost 95% of the market right now. So, I would say this give me a person who’s passionate working at an average company with an average toolbox at that company, over an unpassionate person, he’s working at an incredible company with an incredible toolbox because the passionate person will motivate people, even though everything else is subpar. The passionate person will motivate people. I work with a lot of director of sales, a lot of high-level high-ranking, heads of recruiting CFO, COOs, CEOs and when we look at their group of recruiting leaders, there tends to always be within organization these hot spots, where it’s like, this person’s really winning and this group really isn’t. Same tool box same company but some very dramatic different dramatically different results in different parts of the organization, why is that? Well I’ve met the people hunt opposite ends I expect on the opposite ends of those spectrums, someone’s a super excited and passionate, the other person is a five or below in their passion meter, they’re just going through the daily grind. So, you got to work on your on improving your passion before you work on improving your tactics because passion matters more. In this, I’ve found that there’s a lot of reasons why passion can be low sometimes it can be you know fatigue, and I’ve been in that nut place myself right where I’m like why am I not passionate about what I have going on today, and so I asked myself two questions at the beginning of every day. One of those questions I asked myself is what is one thing that might trip me up today. The other question I asked myself is how would my best self handle that? When I looked back and I did I did a review so I use a planner that throughout the entire year and all my planner those two questions are there and so as I was going through my you’re just kind of reviewing it one of the things that just kind of blew me away because in the moment I didn’t realize it, is that there was I answered that question over and over again throughout the year, the one thing was my energy, okay? What’s the one thing that could trip me up today, my energy, or I put I’m feeling fatigued or you know something along the lines of that and I would dare say that it wasn’t exactly a scientific you know research piece I did, but I would say it’s about 80 to 85 percent of the that question being answered last year was my energy in some way shape or form. So, being aware that like I’ve been a busy season, I’m you know this business is growing fast, I’m having a hard time to staying up with it, I’m crazy passionate about it, so I’m always chasing excellence and the things that we’re doing here, and so because of that it’s requiring a lot of me, in this current seasons and I do believe that it’s a season, I think that you know my business is just a little over two years old, it operates more like a teenager than it does a full-grown adult, right now, and so you know we’re building systems to scale up we’re figuring things out that we’ve never had to figure out before because it’s a new business, and as we do that requires a lot of me, and so in that what I have to be aware of is that man if my energy is low coming into a day, man I have to be real intentional about bringing my energy up, and so as recruiters this is something you got to be aware of, and in being aware of that, I know that I have this some toolbox that I can tap into that has motivation in it. It’s an external toolbox, I call it my external toolbox, and so let me just give you some of these things that were if your energy slow you’re like I’m having a hard time tapping into my passion zone then dive off into this, and here’s some of the things that work for me look I try to stay away from monsters and Red Bulls and things like that, that are just artificial stimulators that have this real peak energy and this real low energy, one I think it’s unhealthy, I think there’s that component of it but the other part is that it’s not sustainable. It’s not like I can drink a monster a day for the next three years, right? I guess can’t do that so one of the things that I do is I look at the healthy options one things I’m aware of is that Apple is equivalent to a cup of coffee in terms of energy, what a what a great replacement that is, you know two glasses of water is something that gives me almost instantaneous energy, you know in you know MIT did research pieces that five minutes of for press in quickly and four breaths out quickly for five minutes actually gives you an oxygen high, taking 10 minutes and going outside and going for a quick walk you know, you know outside my office here I actually have a exercise ball weights and a yoga mat and those are things that can actually be part of that external toolbox. I’d be embarrassed to have you listen to my YouTube playlist, cuz I on YouTube actually have a folder there with a playlist in of high energy music and I got a I mean I’ll be honest with you Justin Bieber is actually on the list, like and the reason why is not because I’m like a huge Justin Bieber fan, no offense Justin, but it’s I’m not in your age group one. I’m not in the demographics that would typically listen to Justin Bieber but you know I do recognize that high-energy music is actually a stimulator for you know for energy, and so that’s in my that’s in my toolbox. So, I have all these things I can wrap my arms around if it is energy if it is fatigue, I recognize that Navy SEALs have proved this that when we think we’ve reached our max, there’s a lot more available, in fact there’s forty to sixty percent more available when we think we’ve reached our max, and so one that I’m aware when my energy’s low, and I work really intentionally to bring that energy up but I’m also aware that beyond just fatigue and being tired, there are other things that can impact this. Look last year had multiple conversations with people, this said “I just can’t get excited about my current opportunity and I can’t figure out why that is” and as I begin to answer ask questions they answered it what they came to the conclusion to not me is that they were operating in a look, in a place, in a business with leadership where they were not aligned with their core value system, and when that happens, that can affect your passion zone, that can affect your enthusiasm around around the opportunity. In fact, I’ve been in seasons in my own life where my core values were out of alignment with an organization or with a leader and then I began to struggle daily just putting in you know simple work because especially on the recruiting side because I knew I was bringing people to a place that already determined was an effete, and then I wasn’t bought into, and so that can be an element of an element of it as well and I think you’ve got to be aware of that.

Here’s what you just got to remember your passion matters to the level of success that you will have as a recruiter. So, you have to operate and figure out how to get to that max enthusiasm, that max energy and those who are intentional about this they’ll be the ones that win at scale on the recruiting side because it’s that important, okay? So, there you have it figure out how to operate in that zone in 2020, and that will be one of the most critical things that you can figure out and let’s be to some degree network marketers in terms of our energy, how’s that, you know a network marketer sending this podcast telling you got to check this out this guy’s like dishing you, but loving you, all at the same time I appreciate you guys listening to recruiting conversations. If this brings value to you would love for you to do me a favor and do a review we have several thousand listeners here, and if over the course the last year or however long you’ve listened this podcast, there’s been a nugget or two and it’s been worthwhile for you to come back to would love it if you would actually do a review and then also share it. Let’s the recruiting leader has the most difficult job in any organization, that’s not just a of just a blanket statement without any knowledge, look I just it’s true like anybody want to debate me on the most difficult job in any in any industry, in any business. If you’re on the sales side and you’re hiring experienced loan officers and you’re managing a team at the same time while you’re doing that, look I have a lot of empathy for you operate in that place for a long time in my career, you are that middle management role where all the information comes from the top that you have to actually disseminate those people underneath your umbrella, underneath your leadership, and you get all that noise from the people underneath you that needs to go up to the top of executive management and so you got to figure out how to navigate the two components while motivating both sides of that to change and then you wear the hat of recruiting, and so being passionate about what you do is going to matter a lot because you’re gonna have a lot on you in 2020, no doubt so with that said have a great week everybody and I’ll look forward to seeing you again next time here on recruiting conversations.