Relevancy Versus Visibility

quick video here on Friday a challenge to all of you who are recruiting leaders the challenge is this when you are delivering content to the social platforms you’re creating visibility but the one thing that you’re missing is relevancy big difference between visibility and relevancy visibility means that you’re actually delivering content and people have the opportunity to actually see you right that’s visible relevancy comes when you actually deliver value directly to an individual so the bigger problem you have to solve is how are you going to create relevancy because we’re 11 see matters more than visibility one way that you do this is you bring value to people individually lots of ideas around this you can search my YouTube channel search my Vimeo channel but you have to figure out how do you bring value to someone individually before you actually throw your right hook as Gary B would call it the right hook being your task a lot of times like on LinkedIn people are looking to connect and they’re immediately trying to extract value from someone where they look to connect and then immediately what they do is they ask for a meeting or they ask for a phone call or they ask for a response from you and what they would say is won’t you know something on the lines of are you interested in joining a winning team and those messages are they fall on deaf ears most people will delete that message and not just delete the message but actually puts you into a category that you don’t want to be in which is that you’re a recruiter not a relationship builder so the value and relevancy are two complete different things you need relevancy more than you need visibility and that’s the challenge today is to solve that that issue of creating relevancy and you do that through communicating to people as though they are the only person you’re communicating to not with spam not with massive cut and paste messages but with messaging that feels as though it’s only being sent to the audience of one

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