Strengths and Weaknesses

Everybody’s Richard Milligan here with 4c recruiting sending you a quick shout out today coming out of a coaching session and one of the things that came up was in this coaching session I’m actually coaching a recruiting leader that has an assistant in the assistant is always actually in the meeting one thing that came up is this conversation around strengths and weaknesses one of the weaknesses that are a tendency for most recruiting leaders is that they’re not great systems people and and and that’s because of the personality profile that the typical recruiting leader has like most recruiting leaders are visionaries there are on a dis profile they’re hi eyes there they are influencers they’re extroverts and not always true but most times that’s true that tendency of that personality again not always but a lot of the time is that that individual is not systems minded and guess what that’s okay one of the things that I try to do is oversimplify recruiting and what recruits one of the things that’s true about good recruiters is that they actually have a system doesn’t mean they’re Systems minded I’m not assistance find a person but guess what I have systems a great man once said anything worth having in this life you will have to fight for it well guess what I’ve had to fight for the systems that I have in my business in my recruiting in my life so if this is a weakness of yours that’s okay but you are going to have to fight to build some systems around you otherwise you will always be the ceiling to your own success James clears made a great statement in atomic habits the book he said that we never rise the level of our goals we fall to the level of our systems your system is going to indicate your level of success

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