What is the IT factor and how do leaders get it

so let’s let’s break this down this passion zone if I want this and I call the passions I’m kind of the it factor like like if I said like that person has it like we all kind of come to a place where we’re like yeah kind of kind of know what you’re talking about Milligan it’s like you know they’re really enthusiastic lots of energy great communicators like there’s a long list of things here that we could say about this individual that has this it factor and I think like I could give you my entire recruiting system that I teach and look I spent three hours yesterday with someone who’s a head of recruiting for a large organization building out a recruiting blueprint and that blueprint is going to make a significant difference in the winds of this organization has as they move to execute on that but if there’s if there’s one thing that will move the number of hires that you make most it is having leaders who recruit that are operating inside the passion zone that can communicate that with clarity you

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