Why Depth Of Accountability Is Key To Having Your Biggest Year In 2022!

Hey everyone welcome back to another recruiting conversations it’s your host richard milligan i’m recording this podcast on new year’s eve happy new year everybody it’s wild that 2021 is now in the books, and if you’re like me you’re using this window of time between christmas and new year’s to game plan world domination for the upcoming year 2022 and there’s something that is at the top of my mind i want to share with you it’s been a important stepping stone is how i would describe it for me in my journey of setting goals and and making sure that i accomplish those goals um in the year to year and the framework that i’ll give it is what i would call depth of accountability. So, i want to talk to you about that concept depth of accountability what we know from goal setting data is that about 92 percent of people that actually set goals don’t accomplish them in fact, the data is heavily supportive that by february any new year’s resolution that’s been made has been broken by february it’s like 86 percent of people that make new year’s resolutions break those resolutions by february and you ask yourself the question why because we have this moment in time i think a lot of us are probably right now in that moment in time we’re inspired, we’re excited, we have an ending, and a new beginning and there’s just something about that ending a new beginning that brings fresh energy to us but somewhere between that new beginning and the effort, energy, perseverance,grit, all these things that are required to accomplish our goals we lose track of it and over the years just in my own life i’ve i’ve asked myself the reason why why would i set a goal and then and and think that that goal at some level was attainable over the course the next 12 months if i was to really put my mind to it why was i not able to achieve that and there’s a simple answer to it which always points back to me the man in the mirror and and the answer to that for me is that i’m ultimately weak, okay? that’s it, I am human, there’s this element to being human you know superhuman would mean that i think you always accomplished everything that you said you were going to accomplish there’s an element of being human and human means that at some level you’re weak, you’re undisciplined, you would choose chocolate cake over a protein shake and i begin to realize that i need to identify that element at the beginning of the year versus later than year after i’d failed and i needed to build in accountability and i don’t mean like a little accountability but i mean like deep rooted accountability as i go through my year and so i asked myself the question how do i set myself up to not fail i remember 2017 i said i’m gonna post on linkedin every single day it was one of my new year’s goals for 2017. Post on linkedin every single day now i said monday through friday i was going to give myself the get out of jail free card for saturday and sunday and immediately when i said that i was going to post daily on linkedin as part of my brand as part of this mindset, if i need to be a media company before i’m actually anything else if i’m going to be successful i knew i wouldn’t do it and so i began to connect with people that i thought would hold me accountable people that were around me and i began to ask well hey will you hold me accountable to posting on linkedin every single day i just was looking for people to say i’ll check it out and if i see that you’re not i’ll ask you about that and remind you that you promised me that that was something you were going to do for 2017. and that’s small, right? like when you think in the scheme of life you know a wife and four kids and a dog and three horses and the crazy sauce of kids playing you know travel basketball and competitive horse riding and like you having a business that you’re growing and 40 plus employees and like you start to multiply these things out and you’re like posting on linkedin is not that important but at the beginning of 2017 i said i i believe that social media is really essential to getting where i want to get in my larger vision and i really believe that i had to become a media company first before i became a recruiting coach or recruiting consultant or recruiting strategist i felt like if i was a media company all of these things would follow and so i said i’m going to do this as part of my overall goals but in the scheme of all the big goals it seemed pretty small i came back and said i won’t do it at some point i’m going to fail that goal so, how do i insulate that goal to make sure that i actually do that thing i’m asking people if they’ll hold me accountable and i can’t find anyone hold me accountable so, i went to a couple friends of mine and just made this statement i said if you catch me not posting on linkedin monday through friday i will pay you 2500 for every time that i don’t post monday through friday people thought i was crazy for making that statement that i would do that but what i was doing was creating depth of accountability i had to make that statement to multiple people i needed tension to force me to do the thing that i knew i needed to do to create a rhythm to posting regularly on linkedin and now here i am four years removed from that and i post two to five times a day on linkedin because it has been so beneficial to what i’m doing here and growing our vision so, the challenge for you is this you’re establishing these things right these goals these objectives that you want to accomplish in 2022. The challenge for you is creating depth of accountability so, here’s where i always start with my goals i always will announce my goals to my immediate circle that typically means my wife means even my children at times, i have a circle a small circle of friends that are really close to me i meet every single week with two to three men early tuesday morning we meet for a couple of hours that’s a rhythm to life that i do almost every single week they’re part of that accountability circle and there’s a circle outside that inside my business itself where i create accountability there’s a circle outside of that as well a circle of friends or acquaintances or people that i create accountability around at times, i even go to social media and announce what i’m going to do as a way of creating accountability so announcing it publicly and let me just walk you walk you through kind of my mindset around this so you understand because some of this is like a little bit weird why would you go to social media and say you’re going to do x this year the truth is that for most of us we are okay with failing ourselves but there’s this element of i’m not willing to fail someone else that we need to recognize i refuse to fail people that i love i refuse to fail people that hold me in high esteem and so i don’t i don’t want to fail publicly and there’s just a human element there that if you can capture this i don’t want to fail the people that are closest to me i don’t and so my wife my four kids are my most significant motivation to do difficult things they’re part of my greater why so anytime i share a big goal with them i know that that i’m going to accomplish that goal because i refuse to fail them what it does it helps me to give up these small things the things that are typically meaningless or trivial and some of these things are in the day-to-day as much as they are bigger trivial things but like in the day-to-day like making small decisions not to go on youtube or instagram or facebook to watch your news feed these creative videos that feed your brain these things of novelty like sometimes we have to create these layers that prevent those those things those things like that from happening and me tapping into my why and sharing my goals with the people that are closest to me is part of that i think another part of this for me is that i’ve positioned myself as a leader of leaders many of you on this their listeners podcast are area managers, regionals, divisionals, your head of recruiting, right? so, you are a leader of leaders and as you become aware of that people are watching you people are watching me and i’m aware that i can’t be that guy that allows trivial things to get in the way of accomplishing my goals so, i shared my goals with those around me that that i know hold me to a higher standard whether whether i know them that are up close or or that are just from a distance that friend group i shared with you those fellas are successful business owners in different industries and i’ve given those guys permission to call me on to call my bluff they know what i’m capable of they have high expectations of me just like i have of them and at times i need their voices to bring me full center because i’ll fail me but i won’t fail them depth of accountability so, in this there’s this healthy dose of self-awareness that we all need and the self-awareness is that that you are human and without massive amounts of accountability we will choose lesser things and so i’m challenging you in this create depth of accountability around the goals that you have for 2022 and i leave you with this i think the last part of this is that i want to celebrate my wins with others i really i really love that of celebrating my wins with others had a coaching client this week and i challenged that coaching client to actually create a year-end event that they would invite people to to celebrate crossing some major finish lines for them this year so example this would be when if i if i accomplish my goals we as a family are going to do x i’m going to go ahead and schedule x as a way to ensure that i have something focused on where we’re all coming together to celebrate what we’ve been able to accomplish and i say we because look big goals inside my business require leah my wife to be a part of that like she picks up the slack whenever something more is required of me in this thing called my business and so it’s as much a celebration for her being a part of that goal as it is for me so in the end, even establishing a place and a time and people that will be there to celebrate the goals that you accomplished in the upcoming year is something that i do because it these things are so much sweeter when you win and others are a part of that win i encourage you to even go as far and and to be as weird as taking that step here in january to actually create a place with a date on the calendar where you’ve invited people to celebrate the fact that you’ve crossed these finish lines and what you’re doing in all of that and simple framework is you are creating depth of accountability this singular thing on my journey where i incorporated around 2010 has moved me to a place where it is rare not normal it’s rare that i don’t cross the finish line for goals that I set at the beginning of each year so there you have your idea going into 2022. Know that we all here at 4c recruiting and myself richard milligan are rooting you on you the people that are listening to this podcast recruiting leaders have the most difficult job in any organization i have so much um love and respect for this community that listens this podcast there’s ever anything i can do to help you i had several people this week take me up on this offer by the way you know who you are you came into my live calendar which is just bookrichardnow.com those three words and just spend an hour with them no strings attached pouring into them giving the best value that i can give them to continue them on their journey i would love to do that with you if you’re in a place where you’re you’ve got some big objective in 2022. you just need a voice a sounding board someone to give you a fresh idea as it relates to that i’d love to be a part of that to continue in the direction of winning because you’ve got a difficult role in what you do. so, wishing you all a massive year we’re planning a massive year ourselves here at 4c recruiting. We are in the process process of launching forza university and there’ll be more about that in the coming weeks. We’ll talk about that but force university is a place where our tribe of people can actually get access to me and the experts that are a part of my team here at 4c recruiting that can bring value to you in a format that allows you to access it when you have time and it’s just a way for me to expend my time and multiply myself to continue this journey of bringing you our tribe value so that’s one thing we’re doing in 2022 as part of our goal part of our vision and so i look forward to introducing some of you to it in the near future and until i talk to you again on the next podcast have a great year everybody

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