Why do you think people settle.

hey it’s Richard Milligan here 4Crecruiting it is another beautiful day and I’m taking a quick break in between coaching sessions wanted to share some insight with you I was I’m actually being interviewed yesterday for an article and a question came up in that interview which was why do you think people settle and I really wanted there were three components that that I spoke to around that question why do you think people subtle still gonna share them real quickly with you here the first and foremost I think people like clarity around their calling and around the impact that they have I think if we understood the amount of impact that we have in our little pinkies as leaders in impacting the people underneath our leadership the people in our market the people in our community the people in our industry then I think that that clarity in itself would be a motivator for us to accomplish more to do bigger things and so I think a lack of clarity around that one you know we settle for things that are you know money for things that are recognition when things are much larger at stay are at stake so legacy there’s an example of that one of the things that I’m becoming more clear on the older I get is that man the calling on my life is really big the impact that I can have is really big great leaders impact more than the people on their team they impact mothers the impact fathers the impact people within their community that then the extension of that is that they then impact the children inside the family that becomes generational I mean I can go back and tell you stories of leaders that I had an opportunity to spend a season with when I was in my when I was in my mid-twenties this has been more than 20 years ago some of these people probably today if I went back and looked aren’t even alive that impacted me for a short season that left me was something that have allowed me to pass those things on and so I think clarity around clarity around the calling that we have on our life makes a difference in whether we settle we don’t settle to other components that I’m gonna breeze through these real quickly through the components I think are a part of this one is I can’t we don’t have enough accountability so we settled look we’re all to some degree weak as human beings like our brains are just lazy right I love what Darren Hardy says that there’s like a portion of our brain that’s the monkey brain right the monkey brain is the part of the brain that just wants to have fun that wants the part it wants to you know cut out from work early every single day of the week that only looks forwards to only looks forward to the weekends or whatever it is and so you know the accountability in my own life has been critical me not settling because when I get to those moments where I want to settle the account of building doesn’t allow me to settle and the third part of this is this most people actually block having good systems and so they don’t realize that the system that they have that’s wrapped around the business that’s wrapped around the way they actually operate in the day to day is weak and so because of that the natural tendency is that they they’re working hard but hard work in a bad system is not really accomplishing much and so the system around the hard work the system around being hyper focused versus being hyper responsive you know that system matters a lot system around time management a system around your daily rhythms and your daily routines those things matter a lot so I see a lot of people that are just busting their rent that have all the intangibles that ultimately are subtle in because they’ve got weak systems that’s an important component of this and so those three things are red it’s clarity of calling clarity around why you’re doing what you’re doing um and that clarity around the impact that you’re gonna have the other part is accountability and creating accountability being intentional in that area because we’re weak and then the third part of this is having better systems so that you’re just not always looking to work harder there’s better ways to actually accomplish more when you realize that then guess what you’ll stop settling

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