Why knowing your phone script is essential.

Hey everybody it’s Richard Milligan here with 4c recruiting I’m actually in my coaching studio where I coached six to sometimes as many as nine hours a day had a great conversation recently with someone I want to share it with you because it’s um it’s extremely relevant if you’re a recruiting leader and honestly if you’re a recruiter but what I really focus on is recruiting leaders in what I do and that’s someone who actually builds a team who’s responsible for not just recruiting to the team but leading the team and that typically tends to be a market leader a sales manager a branch manager sometimes can be an area manager a regional manager that does recruiting while also leading let me leave you let me tell you something here that’s really important to what you’re doing one of the things I talk about a lot is that the phone has diminishing results meaning that like last survey we saw I saw I saw was like there’s like 11 million people that got surveyed what they found is like two things are happening one we’re answering the phone at a significantly less rate than ever before it’s 9% of people actually, answer phone today if you’re not in the contacts list so thank you marketers you’re ruining the phone for us right it’s like one out of eleven will actually answer the phone now it’s unique in some industries that you’ll have a lot more people answer it because that’s their primary place where they get their business right so you’ll have more people answer it than 9% but on the flip side that what we know is this in just like two years from 2017 to 2019 if it’s a cold call the amount of time that people actually spend on a call so if I don’t know you and you call me that time lines gone from 35 seconds if someone’s investing in that call it was down to 11 seconds that’s crazy two years a reduction in of 66 percent or whatever that number is the amount of time someone’s actually going to tell you I’m not interested or just simply hang up on you in the middle of the call that happens all the time right so why this is relevant while I’m bringing this up in this video is this I’m just coming out of a meeting with someone that actually in one day made 18 dials got 8 people on the phone got 7 appointments here’s what’s relative to this phone scripting matters a lot okay not only this phone scripting matter a lot but being authentic in your phone script matters a lot what does that mean look most people don’t know their phone script like that’s crazy to me like you’re a recruiting leader or you’re a recruiter and you don’t know your phone script now I’m not being I’m not not not being critical of this I’m just a little incredulous of it this is what you do this is your craft okay you have to know this right you’ve got to be able to and I’m kind of being ephaptic here for a reason because there’s a there’s a big gap okay and the big gap between someone that can authentically speak a phone script that’s a powerful phone script versus the person who’s going to fumble over it and hope they get lucky with the meeting there’s a big gap there what I would say is that the majority okay I don’t know what the percentage is but I can tell you it’s way north to 90 it’s probably the north and 95 percent okay the majority the people that I work with don’t have a phone script and then the 110 to the 110 to the 110 to the 1% which is virtually none but my wife says don’t use words like never and always okay so honey this is for you I’m gonna say almost always okay almost always when I’m coaching you know it’s to my recollection, I haven’t had anyone that said I know my phone script and I’ll own it and here’s what I say exactly verbatim and here’s how to overcome my objections you as a recruiting leader half to get took place where you own your phone script where you can overcome the primary three objections that you’re gonna get which is like I’m not interested I’m happy where I’m at and I’m busy okay those are 3 primary objections you’re gonna get and you have to authentically be able to overcome those and get to a place where you can get a yes and if you can this is the inspiration part if you can you can make 18 dials get eight people and set seven appointments true story okay so I’m challenging you get there if you don’t got a phone script figure one out right listen to my podcast there’s a there’s a I actually talked about phone scripting on my podcast recruiting conversations get there the next part of that is own it, own it, own it okay write it out then record it and then listen to it like you’re you know OCD about knowing every word that you speak inside your phone script get to that place write it out record it okay there’s if you’ve got any type of smartphone the day you’ve got a recording device on your phone and then replay it replay it replay it replay it till you can regurgitate it coming straight out of deep sleep okay the three objections know how to overcome those you’re going to get weird random other objections as well and as you get those own those objections and overcome those objections as well okay didn’t intend for this to be a five-minute video mattifier enough about this like you have to own your phone script okay recruiting conversations is a podcast we talk a lot about this or we’ve talked about it a couple of podcasts so I’m bite Shia to listen to my podcast there and then till my next video have a great week everybody